Tim has been aware of the spirit world from a very early age, and at the age of 19 embarked on his journey of Development and has been studying mediumship for over 30 years. 

Tim has become known as one of Britains most evidencial platform Mediums. He prides himself on being a modern practical tutor. In recent years tim has achieved diplomas in both demonstrating and teaching platform mediumship. His standard and style of work finds him in great demand throughout the world in countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Canada and Many more.

Tims style of teaching ensteals and encourages the approach that it is natural to have depth of evidence and precence of spirit in all aspects of your mediumship. Tim believes that evidence is an expression of the intelligence of spirit, and encourages all his students to have this as a part of their mediumship.



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6th June - 13th June 2014

*** Ershamstar school of Mediumship ***

The Grand Hotel, Folkestone, Kent, UK


Come and join Tim Abbott and and Shelia French for this Practical, hands on style course!

Like many other of Tims previous courses we will be looking at how, through unique exercises and techniques, we can bring about a greater personal standard within your own mediumship.

This course has been put together at short notice due to great demand by the students seeking that quality of teaching that both Shelia and Tim offer.

During this course there will be the unique opportunity for some of the students to work publicly under the guidance of one of the tutors.

While at present Tim is coping with some challenges in his personal lifehe has so far been able to honour his work commitments to spirit and he will commit to this course wholeheartedly while the situation continues to allow him to.

Be it with Tim or Shelia come along and Raise your standards!

Due to accommodation limitations and so that you can reserve your place we need a quick response and your place is reserved with a deposit.

This course has been arranged at short notice and the usual format of Ershamstar is not available, so for this one course only we will charge the following :- Room and course cost £490.00, single supplement £50.00 per week en suite charge £50.00 per week.

For those students that have flights booked saturday 7th we can still accept your booking and there will be availability to stay for an extra night at the end of the course. Taxis can be organised to bring you directly from the airport to Ershamstar.

For further information contact either Tim on 01785 258397 or Shelia on 07784 542979

To make a booking please follow the instructions on www.ershamstar.co.uk or email ershamstaradmin@icloud.com




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